Coherent Differential Imaging Workshop
21-23 Jun 2023 Meudon (France)

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Workshop title: “Use of light coherence for high-contrast exoplanet imaging with ground-based telescopes”

When: 21-23 June 2023

Where: at the Paris Observatory in Meudon, France

Registration deadline: April 1st, 2023 - April 5th, 2023

There is still room for a few posters. If you want to present your work related to the subjects described below, you can still propose a title and an abstract on the website.

Fees : none

 If you pre-registered, please also confirm your participation by modifying your registration by April 5th 2023.


Coherent Differential Imaging (CDI; disentangling starlight and other light by making use of the difference in coherence for exoplanetary system science) has now expanded in interest across many research groups over the world, but has yet to be regularly implemented in instrument operations. The CDI community is therefore at a point where a broader workshop is needed to discuss how the community should proceed with such integration, and also to expand the reach of CDI to the broader exoplanet imaging community.

In this workshop, by gathering a large range of CDI experts and students, we aim to address topics such as:

  • What are the current CDI techniques and what are their limitations?
  • Why and when should we use CDI in the current context of other differential imaging techniques (ADI/RDI/SDI/etc)?
  • How to combine CDI with ADI, SDI, and/or RDI?
  • What are the needs to use CDI on current instruments? Are the needs similar for all different CDI methods?
  • What should we do to enable CDI on the next generation of telescopes and instruments?

This three day workshop will be largely discussion based: see

One half a day will be devoted to invited talks reviewing the following CDI methods:

  • Temporal Modulation: Axel Potier, JPL
  • Spatial modulation:  William Thompson, U. Victoria
  • AO Telemetry: Barnaby Norris, U. Sydney
  • Temporal analysis: Sarah Steiger, U. Santa Barbara

Another half a day will be devoted to short oral presentations from students and young researchers.

The other two days will be devoted to discussions and hands-on/breakout group activities.

We welcome participation from students to whom lodging support will be provided.

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